A lifelong sports fan, but a latecomer to the joys of history, I have been writing professionally about sports and sports history since 1985. Baseball is actually my favorite sport, but hockey has become my specialty. I worked for Dan Diamond and Associates, consulting publishers to the NHL, from 1996 to 2018. For more about me, click here.

My first articles about sports history were a series of “on this day in World Series history” pieces published in the Toronto Sun and broadcast on CHEX radio in Peterborough during October of 1985 after the Blue Jays won their first American League East division title. My first book, Hockey Night in the Dominion of Canada, an historical novel set in the early days of professional hockey, was published in 1992. My first books for children were published in 1999. For more about my books, click here.

On this web site, I post stories about the quirky aspects of sports history I come across in my research, as well as other things. For more on this, click here. For more about my speaking engagements, click here.