Happy (Hockey) Holidays!

Late in December, the Cleghorn brothers did sign with Renfrew for the 1910-11 season of the National Hockey Association. Reportedly (according to Sprague Cleghorn in 1934), for $1,200 apiece. So, if it wasn’t a Merry Christmas, it was a Happy New Year.

Despite everything that’s going on again (still?), I hope you get/got everything you really need this holiday season. All the best to everyone in 2022, and thanks for reading these posts again this year.

14 thoughts on “Happy (Hockey) Holidays!

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Eric!
    Look forward to reading much more of your work in 2022!

  2. Well done Eric. That’s quite the output for one year. Keep your nose to the grindstone and we’re all the better for these insights into our hockey heritage.

  3. Coming a tad late to the party but love this wee snippet of a time when Renfrew was a player in big-time hockey…the thought of taking the train to play the next town up the line has a wonderful sense of a time long past…no ads on the ice, or the boards, or the players’ helmets…no helmets for that matter. Cheers and a nod to auld lang syne.

  4. I’m definitely a little late to the party but my inquiring mind wants to know if you think I could have got any of my Christmas shopping done at the “Art”Ross store! Ho ho ho. Happy holidays!

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