Glowing Pucks From Hockey’s Past

The NHL recently added many “enhanced” analytic stats to its web site More are likely to come. This year, at the recent NHL All-Star Game, the league introduced sensors in the pucks and uniforms that allow for the tracking of speed, positioning, ice time, and other data that – it’s said – will revolutionize the way we watch and understand hockey. The general buzz around all this has all been positive. VERY different from the much-maligned innovation introduced at the All-Star Game back in 1996 … the Fox Trax glow puck!

It’s not quite the same concept, but take a look at this story I recently came across from the Montreal Gazette back in 1941:

Glowing Puck

5 thoughts on “Glowing Pucks From Hockey’s Past

  1. In the movie “The Mystery of the Million-Dollar Hockey Puck”, they had a puck that only glowed if you wore a special pair of glasses. Maybe that’s the solution! Those who want the puck to glow wear the glasses, and the remaining 99.999% of hockey fans don’t…

  2. Great blog post & love the article…someone was a forward thinker for sure!
    I think it would be great to know how fast the puck was going & the force of it….
    Plus I like anything ‘glow-in-the-dark’, lol…
    Sherri-Ellen T-D.

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